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How To Be Happy

As members of the Church of Life we believe that happiness is the purpose of life. While you are the only one who can decide what makes you happy we recommend the following actions to cultivate more happiness in your life:

  1. Respect Life. Examine your own life and conduct and make sure that you are doing everything you can to respect the life, liberty and property of your fellow man.
  2. Be Thankful. Start each day with a Gratitude List – write down everything you are grateful for.
  3. Accept. Accept that the past cannot be changed and that the future is still just a vision. Make today the best that it can be.
  4. Exercise the Power of Intention (often referred to as prayer or meditation). What you think about, you tend to bring about. Ponder, envision, and plan for the desired outcomes that you seek as opposed to “catastrophizing” which is a common and self-limiting trap. This does not mean that one should live in denial but rather one should focus on solutions and desired outcomes.
  5. Know. Know that whatever challenges you are facing, there has likely been someone before you who has encountered similar challenges and have figured out how to overcome or find peace with these challenges. Maintain hope that you will be able to overcome or find this peace. If you are challenged – strive to stick it out “just one more day”. And tomorrow – if you are still challenged – do the same.
  6. Help Others. Strive to perform one Good Deed each day. Ask yourself – “Who can I help today?” and “Who can I cheer up today?” “Lose yourself in the service of others lest you wither in despair.”
  7. Produce/Create. It has been said that productivity is the basis of morale. Create something useful and offer it to the world. You can often get what you want if you help enough people get what they want. Problem solvers tend to prosper.
  8. Laugh. Try to see the humor in all things. Laughter truly is a great medicine.
  9. Rest and Relax. Strive to rest & relax often and early.
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